62x Series

Sound Level Meter

From time to time Casella makes improvements to Firmware as recommendations are made by our users. Please find below the latest version of Firmware, release notes and an upgrade procedure:

62x Series Firmware Upgrade Procedure

For the latest version of Firmware and Installation Program suitable for your 62X Series, please raise a helpdesk ticket here.

Please see links below for software & utilities that support this product:

Casella NoiseApp

Download Casella Drive
Download Casella Mass DFU
Download Casella Model Upgrade Program 

Download Casella Insight Management Software (Version 17) Install over the top of the existing version
Instructions for Insight V17 Installation

Please find below certifications and accreditations associated with this product:


62x Series EU Conformity Certificate
62x Series PTB Certificate
CEL-120 Acoustic Calibrator CE Certificate

At Casella we try to do our best to help users get the most from our product. Please find below a selection of videos providing support and guidance for the 62x Sound Level Meter:

62x Series Sound Level Meter Promotional Video

62x Series Sound Level Meter - Downloading into Insight

The Casella Product Support Team guides you through how to download your measurement results from your 62x Series Sound Level Meter and into Casella Insight.