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Noise Measurement

But what is Noise?

A glossary of terms for noise measurement. The glossary offers a large number of useful terms to help you understand all about noise - what it is, how it is measured and what you need to look for.

Casella's CEL-240 is easy to use designed to undertake noise measurements at work for a variety of applications. Giving real-time, recorded history ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and performance, all housed in a rugged and compact design.

What are the varying types of noises and how are they measured?

Noise measurement is undertaken across a variety of applications. This resource looks at these and how they are measured.

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That was loud! - How do you know if noise is dangerous?

When is noise too loud? Casella look at what makes a noise dangerous and how to monitor and idetify noise issues.

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Noise dosimeters in the workplace - How, When and Why?

Casella look at the use of noise dosimeters in the workplace and identify why they should be used, how they should be used and the benefits they bring to long term worker health.

Casella Hearing Protection

How to select the correct hearing protection for you?

Casella look at the levels of protection offered by different hearing protection an help you choose which is best suited to you.