We offer a wide range of instrumentation for hire which will assist with your noise, dust or vibration monitoring requirements.

Casella’s easy to use range of monitoring instruments can be used for:

- Noise at Work Monitoring
- Personal Air Sampling Monitoring
- Environmental Noise Assessments
- Short + Medium Term Monitoring 
- Hand Arm Vibration

Hire equipment options to include:

- Sound Level Meters
- Noise Dosimeters
- Air Sampling Pump
- Dust Monitoring
- HAVEx Vibration Meter

Our minimum hire period is 3 days, however, we will try to accommodate your requirements. 

For more details of our hire range:

CALL +44(0)1234 844100


EMAIL info@casellasolutions.com


Guardian2 Hire

The Guardian2 Site Boundary Monitor is designed to help you remain compliant with site emission levels, using remote monitoring and reporting of noise, dust and vibration.

To enquire with regards to hiring Casella's Guardian2, please contact our partners Opti-cal via email: environmental@surveyequipment.com