TUFF Personal Sampling Pump Series

From time to time Casella makes improvements to firmware as recommendations are made by our users.  Please find below the latest version of firmware, release notes and an upgrade procedure.

TUFF Personal Sampling Pump Firmware Upgrade Procedure 
TUFF Personal Sampling Pump Firmware Upgrade Utility 197126-02-00 

Please see links below for software & utilities that support this product.  For more information on Casella Insight please click the link below. 

Download Casella Drive
Download Casella Insight Data Management Software v.15
Download Casella InfraRed Dongle Drivers 
Download Casella Model Upgrade Program V.05
Casella Model Upgrade Procedure

At Casella we try to do our best to help users get the most from our product. Below are a series of videos providing support and guidance for a number of TUFF personal sampling pump applications.

Partially Locking, Fully Locking and Unlocking the Casella TUFF Persoanl Sampling Pump

This video demonstrates the how to use the different lock functions on the Casella TUFF Pump and explains the functionality of the different lock modes.

Calibrating the TUFF Pump 

The Casella Product Support Team guide you through the calibration process of the Casella TUFF Pump using IOM Equivalent and Higgins Dewell Cyclone sampling head.

We welcome any suggestions for short films or tutorials such that we can grow this area, please submit your request to the Help Desk.