dBadge Noise Dosimeter Series

From time to time Casella makes improvements to firmware as recommendations are made by our users.  Please find below the latest version of firmware, release notes and an upgrade procedure.

dBadge Noise Dosimeter Firmware Upgrade Procedure
Download dBadge Noise Dosimeter Firmware

Please see links below for software & utilities that support this product.  For more information on Casella Insight please click the link below. 

Download Casella Insight Data Management Software v15
Download Casella Drive
Download InfraRed Dongle Drivers 
dBadge Firmware Upgrade Program
Casella Model Upgrade Procedure

At Casella we try to do our best to help users get the most from our product. Below are a series of videos providing support and guidance for various product features of the dBadge Noise Dosimeter.

Downloading data from the dBadge Noise Dosimeter

Downloading Results from your dBadge: In this video, the Casella Product Support Team guide you through downloading your measurement results from the Casella dBadge Series into Casella Insight.
Unlocking the dBadge

Unlocking the dBadge: The Casella Product Support Team shows you how to lock and unlock your Casella dBadge so that a wearer cannot interfere with the measurement run.
Changing the time and date

This video has the Casella Product Support Team demonstrating how to manually sync the time and date of your computer onto the Casella 35x dBadge using Casella Insight.