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Introduction to Workplace Noise

One date remaining in 2020 - 10th September

This webinar covers acoustic terminology such as weightings and parameters, as well as noise dose calculation and how this varies around the world, plus considerations when selecting instruments. The webinar will be 30 minutes with additional time at the end for questions. 


Use of SLMs and Noise Dosimeter; the best practice guide!

One date remaining in 2020 - 13th August

Covering the principles of when to use a noise dosimeter or a sound level meter, with the pros and cons of each. The 'dos and don'ts' of using each type of instrument are reviewed, giving a best practice guide to get the most out of your noise measurements. The webinar will run for 30 minutes with time at the end for questions.

Introduction to Personal Dust Monitoring

One date remaining in 2020 - 27th October

Dust monitoring using air sampling pumps has a number of different facets covered during this webinar. These include types of dust to measure and the selection of equipment such as sampling heads or filters. Calculation of airborne concentration, and more importantly exposure, are also reviewed over this 30-minute webinar. A Q&A session will then be held if required.

Casella's personal air sampling pump for airborne contaminants that can be damaging to health. Monitoring solution for dusts.

Setting up Air Sampling pumps

One date remaining in 2020 - 15th September

Setting up air sampling pumps and their associated items is paramount to ensuring accurate exposure data. This webinar covers selecting the correct pump, setting up the ‘sample train’ and ensuring accurate flow, as well as best practice to ensure good quality data. The webinar will run for 30 minutes with time at the end for questions.

Casella's Personal Air Sampling Pump for low flow applications. It has been designed particularly for low flow sampling of vapors and gases in working environments.

Introduction to Personal Sampling of Vapors and Gases

19th March, 16th July and 10th November

Personal air sampling of vapours and gases requires knowledge to select the correct sampling media and to select the right accessories and flow rates. Sources of information are covered as well as how to set up the sample train and select the correct air-sampling pump and how to calibrate the equipment. The webinar will run for approximately 30 minutes with additional time for questions at the end.

Introduction to Hand Arm Vibration

27th August and 22nd December

Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) is a serious condition that can be prevented with the correct control of exposure. This webinar reviews terminology about HAV measurement, legislation and exposure limits, as well as how to measure exposure on the tool correctly and subsequently calculate exposure levels.

Here is what you can expect:

Workplace noise compliance and monitoring risks are at the top of the mind for many organisations considering the potential impact of operations on employees. Join us at Casella, as we share our practical know-how with you.

• Data and Traceability
• Octave Band Analysis
• Considerations and Costs

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