Orbi-Trace Tag (Single)


A single additional Orbi-Trace tag including charging cable.

The Orbi-Trace™ social distancing tag has been designed to allow for smart social distancing within any workplace. Adapt the Orbi-Trace either as a system to provide simple proximity alerts all the way up to full effective contact tracing and real-time location services.
The body-worn tag is simple to operate, with a stop/start input and a single LED power alert. It gives the wearer fully configurable vibration and audible alerts whenever a 2m safe distance is breached, with a battery life of up to 5 days.
The sophisticated Ultra-Wideband (UWB) connectivity is accurate in detecting distances down to a 10cm accuracy. When combined with the wall-mounted anchor units, Orbi-Trace can be used to create connection graphs and risk assessments via Infection Insights Software.

Key Features:
• Worn on the body using a belt clip
• Easy to use with only one button for configuration and power
• Alerts when safe distance is breached through vibration and audio (sound level is configurable)
• USB-C charging
• Uses UWB technology for accuracy and speed
• No interference with WIFI or other RF technologies
• CE certified

Requires at least two tags for the social distancing function to work.

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