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Casella's Current Offers

Offer 1: Buy a 5-way dBadge2 kit (Plus or Pro) and get a CEL-620A2 free!
  • Limited to 1 free CEL-620A2 per customer order.

This allows the use to get a workplace sound level meter for free when purchasing noise dosimeters.

The CEL-620 is an extremely easy to use sound level meter with a rugged design, specifically for workplace noise measurements. It measures all workplace noise parameters simultaneously so a user has the confidence that measured values are correct. Having a sound level meter, in conjunction with a noise dosimeter, allows users to check measured noise levels, do spot checks and perform walk-through surveys, allowing measurements to be more comprehensive and help perform actions such as noise control and demarcation of hearing protection zones.

Offer 2: Buy a CEL-620A, or 63XA and get an upgrade to B (octave model) for free!
  • Applies to any 620, 632 or 633 variant.

The octave variant is used in workplace noise to help select hearing protection, octave band being the best method for selection of hearing protection. The CEL-620 is an extremely easy to use sound level meter with a rugged design, specifically for workplace noise measurements. It measures all workplace noise parameters simultaneously so a user has the confidence that measured values are correct.

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