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Flow Detective: Get a free electronic flow meter with selected VAPex (Pro) or Apex2 (Plus/Pro) model kits (5 pumps per kit).  

The Flow DetectiveTM Plus is an easy to use all-in-one calibrator that is suitable for all types of air sampling pumps and other applications for flows up to 5L/min. Once the sample train is attached, use Casella's Airwave App to set the pump flow, then press calibrate. Calibration is complete in seconds, saving time when calibrating pumps and storing calibration data.

  • Closed loop, wireless calibration with the Apex2 and VAPex pumps
  • Calibration data reporting via Airwave App straight to your inbox
  • High accuracy calibration
  • Simple operation and rugged design
  • Long battery life
  • Flow range 20mL/min to 5L/min



For orders placed with Casella before September 30th. Applies for air sampling pump kits only (kits include 5 pumps). Apex2 Plus/Pro or VAPex Pro models only as these models provide wireless calibration required for the Airwave App. One Flow Detective Plus per purchase, per customer.





Microdust Pro: Take advantage of an incredible 15% off Casella's Microdust Pro today.


The Microdust Pro is a real-time, hand-held, data logging instrument for the detection of airborne dust, fumes, and aerosols. It is ideal for walk-through surveys and for checking the effectiveness of control measures. It is a simple to use instrument which gives the user additional qualitative data which cannot be gained by gravimetric air sampling methods alone.

  • Extensive range: 0.001mg/m3 to 250g/m3
  • Real-time graphical display of dust levels
  • Simple icon driven user interface
  • Sampling for total dust (respirable PM2.5 or PM10 with optional adaptor)
  • Long battery life
  • Unique on-site calibration insert
  • Data logging with 500 run memory
  • Downloads to Insight Software for easy analysis and reporting


Learn more about the Microdust Pro here.



15% off all Microdust Pro orders placed before September 30th. No limitation to the number of Microdust Pro units per customer. Optional adaptor for respirable dust not included within this offer.





Orbi-Trace: Get 20% off our tags and kits before the end of September and experience social distancing, real time location services & contact tracing with absolute ease.

Available as a kit or as individual products, the entire range of the Orbi-Trace is on sale with an incredible 20% off right now! The Orbi-Trace social distancing tag has been designed to allow for smart social distancing within any workplace. Adapt the Orbi-Trace either as a system to provide simply proximity alerts all the way up to fully effective contact tracing and real-time location services.

  • Uses ultra-wideband technology for accuracy and speed
  • No interference with WIFI or other RF technologies
  • Configurable vibration and audible alerts
  • Easy to use with only one button for configuration and power


See more about the Orbi-Trace here.


20% off any Orbi-Trace product including individual tags and full kits for orders placed before September 30th. No limitation to the number of units per customer.




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