New Product:
Social Distancing done smartly, contact tracing done easily!


Orbi-Trace, the smart tag designed to make social distancing easier.

- Proximity alerts - a tag for each worker that alerts when safe distance is breached
- Contact tracing - including risk assessments of individuals for viral spread in the workplace using our online software
- Real-time location services - provides connection map including risk areas and heat maps of active areas

Casella Orbi-Trace Social Distancing Tags
Casella Orbi-Trace Social Distancing Tag Kit Open
Casella Orbi-Trace Social Distancing Tag in Use

Social distancing done smartly, contact tracing with ease!


Orbi-Trace is not just a social distancing tag. When used with a single anchor at an entry point of a building, tags transmit contact data with our intelligent online software. These innovative tools help to enforce social distancing and provide a detailed risk assessment of your working area. 


A set of 3 anchors will enable real-time location system (RTLS) on the tags.


Infection Insights Software


Use the Infection Insights Software to obtain a spread index of staff, review risk levels and log test results. Be safe without having to stop business.


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