Charity Days 2019

Staff members from Casella UK are given the chance to select a chosen charity month on month. In turn, a collection is made for the charity of the month. Every little helps!

To date in 2019, Casella has raised a total of 590.55 for a variety of selected charities.

January 2019 - £70 for Dogs Trust

February 2019 - £40.31 for Motor Neurone Disease

March 2019 - £76.55 for British Heart Foundation 

March 2019 - £135.47 (Company) Red Nose Day

April 2019 - £118.61 for National Autistic Society

June 2019 - £45 for Alzeimers Society

July 2019 - £72.06 for Sepsis Trust

August 2019 - £52.55 for St. Johns Hospice

September 2019 - £50 for Papworth Hospital

October 2019 - £80.14 for Prebend Street Day Centre 

November 2019 - £117.44 for Wishing Tree, Harpur Centre 


See more information on some of these charities below:

January 2019 - £70 for Dogs Trust

The Dogs Trust was founded in 1891 and is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK who’s mission is to bring about the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction. The Dogs Trust never put a healthy dog down, keeping dogs in their kennels until suitable owners can be found.

You can get involved with the Dogs Trust in a variety of ways including sponsoring dogs, Volunteering, and shopping on their website, you can even buy new tags for your pets with all proceeds going to the Dogs Trust rather than a chain like Pets at home or if you are feeling extra generous you can rehome a dog from one of their many centres across the UK.


The Wishing Tree is back at the Harpur Centre in Bedford, helping to give children across Bedfordshire a better Christmas. All funds raised will purchase presents to those less fortunate than others. 

See further information:


March 2019 - £76.55 for British Heart Foundation 

March 2019 - £135.47 (Company) Red Nose Day

For those who do not know this is a charity for the homeless in Bedford and surrounding areas.  Its good to remember we are all only a pay check away from homelessness.  Between the first of January and the 30th of June, the smart prebend centre helped 362 individuals who used to centre 9091 times. 


This month's charity very close to many people’s hearts, the Alzheimer’s Society, which supports dementia and Alzheimer sufferers and their families through very difficult times.

 Dementia is the broad term used to describe a number of different conditions affecting the brain, including Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, and more.

The Alzheimer’s Society offers support via a helpline, local services, online communities, volunteering, research, and factsheets and publications.


For those that aren’t aware, Sepsis is the newer - and easier to spell - name for septicaemia. 

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening condition, triggered by infection. It’s hard to spot, but it kills at least 5 people PER HOUR in the UK. It can be easy to treat if caught early. If you are concerned or for more information on how to spot symptoms please visit the NHS website here.

 The Sepsis Trust run multiple fundraising events throughout the year such as the Wear it Red Day, Multiple Marathons, Cycling events, and Swim challenges. You can also start up an Always Remember Fund, on behalf of a deceased loved one. 

St John’s do a most wonderful job of offering care for people who are approaching the end of their lives with progressive conditions. They also care for and support the families of those affected offering bereavement help and spiritual care.

The Royal Papworth Hospital is leading for heart and lung treatment in Cambridgeshire. A decision was made to raise money for this hospital following treatment of a staff members' daughter in law. They were incredible during her treatment and we could not have asked for any more. 



Macmillan 2019

Each year Casella participate in the Macmillan Coffee Morning, baking cakes and treats to raise awareness and money for cancer. 

We raised a total of £147.60! Well done to all at Casella and to all the bakers!

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