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OH2020 (28th Sept - 1st Oct)


Following on from the success of OH2019 which bought together a global audience, BOHS will once again be delivering an exciting programme which combines inspiring and thought-leading plenary sessions with scientific and technical sessions as well as a range of interactive workshops and case studies. This event will now be run as a virtual conference. 

The conference will bring together researchers, practitioners, regulators and other experts from around the world to discuss the very latest in issues that affect health at work. Professional development courses will take place on Monday 20th April.

The event will be held in Bristol this year. To book yourself onto the event please visit here.

Casella are regular sponsors of this event and host a social evening. Unfortunately this social evening has been cancelled but do not worry nor panic... we will be back next year hosting a social evening you will not forget. Keep an eye out for future notices about this.

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Casella attend The Health & Safety Event 2020 (Cancelled)

cancelled - this event has been cancelled. 

The Health & Safety Event showcases the latest products and services from the industry and is the meeting place for anyone responsible for running a safe and efficient workplace. With a unique range of seminars, practical workshops and exhibition hall, it attracts an audience of highly engaged decision makers from HR, construction, manufacturing, engineering, government and many more emerging new markets and industries.

Event website: https://www.thenec.co.uk/whats-on/health-and-safety-event/

Still looking to book a demonstration or to speak to a sales manager virtually, please contact us here or call (+44)1234 844100.


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Casella Spain attend SICUR Event 2020 (25-28 Feb)

SICUR is Spain’s leading international safety and security event.

Every two years, it brings together public and private security companies, associations, professionals in Madrid.Innovation and technological development are the main focus of this professional event that addresses integral security from five major areas with the aim of improving wellbeing and social development.It is security that unites us.


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Casella attend LEV 2020 - Extracting the Best Practices Event (25 Feb)

Join the LEV experts on 25 February

On 25 February 2020, the British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) and the Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers (ILEVE) will be holding their fifth joint event ‘LEV- Extracting the Best Practices’ for anyone involved in the local exhaust ventilation (LEV) space. 

This one-day event, to be held at the Hilton East Midlands Airport in Derby, is a must for anyone who has an active involvement in LEV. The conference is for you if you are:involved in LEV system design, installation or commissioning active in LEV examination, testing, servicing or maintenance owner of LEV installations.

The event is useful to those working specifically in LEV but also for others working within the broader field of occupational hygiene as well as those just interested in these subjects and wanting to learn more.

The theme of this year’s event is noise, in the context of LEV, and our top speakers will include:

Carol Stearne of BAE Systems, who will focus on LEV from the buyer’s perspective and particularly the needs and responsibilities of the end user, and also some common pitfalls for buyers to avoid.

Chris Steel from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) who is to look at noise control for LEV systems from the regulator’s perspective, with reference to the woodworking sector and also opportunities linked to system benefits.

David Wright of SOCOTEC, the provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, who will focus on how to conduct an occupational noise exposure assessment.

Peter Wilson from the Industrial Noise and Vibration Centre (INVC) who will talk about “stealth and efficiency” presented by new aerodynamic techniques (without using silencers) in LEV noise control.

There are discounted rates for BOHS and ILEVE members who wish to attend the event on Tuesday 25 February 2020. This year’s exhibitors are Casella, Sauermann UK Ltd, IOM, Shawcity, Filtermist International, Concept Smoke Systems Ltd, Prihoda UK Ltd, TSI, Airbench, Casella, WHWB, BESA, IOSH, ILEVE and SHAPA.

Ahead of the event, John Dobbie, President of BOHS, the Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection, said, “In a climate where designing out risk is increasingly acknowledged as best practice in controlling hazards, understanding how LEV can mitigate risks at source is essential. The reclassification of welding fume as a carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and HSE’s strengthened enforcement expectations for all welding fume bring the focus back on LEV.

“Removing airborne contamination of hazardous substances from workspaces is absolutely vital for us to reduce the high burden of lung disease facing the British and global workforce. In addition, good LEV systems can reduce the risk of contaminants landing directly on the skin and onto surfaces, so protecting workers’ skin health too.

“We look forward to welcoming delegates to the ILEVE and BOHS annual best practice event for the LEV industry.”Dean Greer, Chair of ILEVE said, “The Institute of Local Exhaust Ventilation Engineers, ILEVE, was established to promote air quality in the workplace and to reduce ill health and death due to airborne contamination and hazardous substances in the working environment.  The Institute exists to recognise competence in the practical application of local exhaust ventilation and to raise awareness of the importance of good air quality and ventilation in workplaces.

“We recognise that these are similar aims of the BOHS and other stakeholders in the LEV Industry and we will continue to work with them and all like-minded organisations as we share a common goal.

The theme of this year’s conference is Noise and, although at first it does not appear to be related to control of the contaminants and hazardous substances in the workplace, it is still a major part of the design, installation and commissioning of LEV systems and all LEV engineers need to be aware of the control of noise levels for the choice of the equipment supplied.ILEVE, believe continual professional development is a cornerstone of maintaining competence and members, along with anyone in the industry, should attend to further or refresh their knowledge in this area.”

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Casella would love to extend a warm invitation to all delegates who are planning to attend the BOHS Occupational Hygiene Annual Conference 2019 (OH2019) in Brighton on the 2nd of April, 2019.

The #CasellaSocial Event will be hosted at Horatios Bar on the Pier at 7pm, just a short walk from The Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel. This will be an ideal opportunity for delegates to relax, catch up with old friends and meet new people over drinks and canapés.As Casella is one of the main exhibitors at the conference, this will further reinforce its commitment to providing occupational hygienists with effective monitoring solutions and improving the health of workers.

The latest innovations will be showcased at the conference including the dBadge2 (a personal noise dosimeter) and Apex2 (a personal sampling pump). The Airwave App used in both products is an industry first, and its wireless capabilities mean monitoring for and reporting on dust and noise exposure has never been easier. The Airwave App was recently recognised in the British Safety Industry Federation’s annual Safety Awards, receiving Commended in the Product Innovation category. The App enables users to remotely start, pause or stop a measurement run, monitor battery life and memory capacity, check measurement progress and alarms directly from a mobile device without having to disturb the worker, ultimately improving productivity levels.

Jim Struthers, Sales Manager at Casella, said: “We are delighted to be continuing our strong relationship with the BOHS by sponsoring OH2019 and look forward to introducing our products at the conference that are truly unrivalled on the market.” 

If you are an attendee of BOHS OH2019 as wish to join the #CasellaSocial register below:

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BOHS Annual Occupational Hygiene Conference (1-4 April)

Casella will be at the BOHS Annual Conference once again in April, 2019.

Occupational Hygiene 2019 is the leading international conference in the field of worker health protection in the UK, focussing on occupational hygiene and the prevention of  occupational ill-health and disease.Following on from the success of OH2018 which brought together a global audience of over 320 delegates, BOHS will once again be delivering an exciting programme which combines inspiring and thought-leading plenary sessions with scientific and technical sessions as well as a range of interactive workshops and case studies.The conference will bring together researchers, practitioners, regulators and other experts from around the world to discuss the very latest in issues that affect health at work. Professional development courses will take place on Monday 1 April 2018.

The location for this conference is the famous seaside resort and charming city of Brighton on the south coast of England.

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The Health & Safety Event (9-11 April)

The Health and Safety Event has been developed to suit anyone responsible for health and safety at work.

Uniquely co-located with The Fire Safety Event, The Security Event and The Facilities Event, The Health & Safety Event is the perfect education and networking opportunity for anyone  responsible for running a safe and efficient workplace, anywhere in the UK. 




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Contamination Expo Series; Clean Air Technology (11-12 September 2019)

Following the successful launch of the VAPex Low Flow Air Sampling Pump, we will be attending the Contamination Series Expo in September, show casing the new pump. At the event we will also have our full product range. From including real-time dust monitors, personal sampling pumps, sound level meters, personal noise dosimeters, hand-arm vibration and boundary monitors of multiple agents. We will also be able to demonstate the Bluetooth module within the majority of our products and our accompanying Airwave App to view data and control most of the instrumentation from any mobile device.

Come along and see what we can offer you, Casella are at Stand H67.

If you are interested in speaking to one of our team members, please let us know so that we can arrange an appointment. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there.


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Institute of Demolition Spring Seminar (23 February 2018)


The Construction and Demolition industry is synonymous with loud noise and lots of dust. Respiratory problems such as silicosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can all be caused by over-exposure to hazardous dust being emitted from cutting, drilling and other site practices. These can also give rise to excessive noise which can result in noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). Demolition site processes can also have an adverse impact on the environment causing nuisance to neighbouring properties.

Casella’s Shaun Knott, one of the speakers at the Institute of Demolition  Spring Seminar in Leeds on 23rd February 2018, will discuss how to monitor dust and noise exposure levels on demolition sites and surrounding areas to ensure compliance. His presentation will discuss monitoring options to help asses the risks associated with demolition sites, including personal and boundary area monitoring instruments which do not impede the workflow of site operatives.

Shaun will discuss monitoring to mitigate the risks of noise/dust pollution to neighbouring residential areas and ensure compliance with local authority environmental policies, and how demolition site managers can meet their environmental obligations by providing information throughout all project stages of potential  noise, vibration and dust impact. 

Air sampling monitoring and noise measurement solutions can be used to  fully map and assess construction and demolition noise and vibration (BS 5228: 2009) as part of pre-commencement planning requirements to avoid costly hold ups at the start of site works and delays to the demolition programme.

The presentation will highlight the latest monitoring equipment available  to provide short and long term measurements at any stage of a project, through the use of remotely monitored equipment with automated threshold warnings issued to nominated persons.

Noise and vibration monitoring or construction or demolition environmental impact control, involves baseline surveys at an early stage of a project design (typically RIBA Stage 2) to inform architectural requirements to meet Local Authority conditions and planning submissions.

Demolition road traffic noise needs to be assessed as well as building site noise, to assess how your demolition site traffic will impact on demolition site surroundings. Local Authorities are increasingly requiring assessment and monitoring to be carried out throughout construction and demolition to help with mitigation measures and reduce the risk of health impacts on the surrounding area, noise nuisance and potential damage to residential, commercial or listed properties.

The state of the art monitoring solutions presented will minimise the risk of adverse health impacts and neighbourhood complaints. Site managers can now have remote access to solar powered boundary monitors and link via a web portal to real-time measurement data. This allows for quick evaluation and response to potential adverse impacts, and automated threshold warning alerts can be sent to nominated persons when there is a risk of non-compliance to ensure corrective action can be taken.

In connection with the National Air Quality Objectives 1997, the majority of the UK’s urban areas have been designated Air Quality Management areas (AQMA’s). So continuous particulate monitoring  to PM10 may be required during demolition or the construction of a new development to minimise air pollution, nuisance and associated health risks to nearby building occupants.

Dust monitoring can evaluate the potential environmental impacts a demolition site may have on air pollution due to the dust it may generate. Dust management plans to assess the risks of a range of dust particulate sizes and gas types can be monitored including accredited PM10 monitoring as often specified by Local Authorities.

Shaun Knotts talk on an integrated approach to noise, vibration and dust monitoring aims to assist site managers with minimising the potential impacts of demolition projects and develop their understanding of health and boundary monitoring. So contact the IOD here to book your seat at the event.

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SAFETY & HEALTH EXPO (19-21 June 2018)

Casella will once again be exhibiting at the Safety & Health Expo London where you can visit us on stand T165Safety & Health Expo, the UK’s leading and largest health and safety event and conference. It is organised by UBM EMEA and provides visitors with CPD accredited education, the latest health and safety products and services, valuable networking opportunities and much more.

Visit Casella on stand T165 to see a live demo of our monitoring products.  To register for your free ticket for the Safety & Health Expo, please click here.




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Health & Safety North (9-10 October 2018)

Casella will once again be exhibiting at the Health & Safety North in Manchester where you can visit us on stand G60. Health & Safety North has been developed specifically to suit anyone responsible for health and safety at work within industrial, commercial or public sector businesses throughout the North of England.






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