FREE Electronic Flow Meter 

With the purchase of an Apex2 or VAPex Air Sampling Kit*


 When purchasing an Apex2 or VAPex Air Sampling Pump Kit*


For a limited time only, all orders placed with Casella for an Apex2 (Plus or Pro) or VAPex Pro air sampling pump kit, will qualify for a free Flow Detective™ Plus Air Flow Calibrator. 


Electronic flow meters can provide a more accurate and traceable alternative to rotameters when used in the field. See how the Flow Detective Plus can save time when calibrating pumps by being the first wireless calibrator for air sampling pumps!


Apex2 (Plus or Pro 5-Way Kit)

Whatever media you’re using you can be assured that the Apex2 personal sampling pump has the power to handle any personal monitoring regime. Optimised at around 2l/min, the flow at which most Occupational Hygiene measurements are made, the Apex2 personal sampling pump has outstanding back pressure capability.  There are no more worries about battery life:  The Apex2 personal sampling pump has high performing Li Ion batteries and an intelligent battery life indicator letting you know exactly how much charge you have left.  And with the Apex2 performing with a pulsation value of ~10% you can have true confidence in the integrity of your samples. With its slim, ergonomic design, the pump is less obtrusive to the wearer allowing them to carry on with their job whilst being monitored. A sturdy clip with a lifetime guarantee means it’s secure and the detachable rubber boot guards against knocks. Ingress resistant to IP65 means that you can use it in the harshest environments and its smooth finish means it’s easy to decontaminate.


VAPex (Pro 5-WAY KIT)

The VAPex range has been designed particularly for low flow sampling of vapours and gases in working environments. Its Intrinsically Safe design and remote operation via the Airwave App makes it ideal for modern day sampling requirements. With a wide flow range of 20mL - 500mL, the VAPex personal sampling pump has outstanding back pressure capability. This capability ensures uninterrupted smooth operation of the pump in even the most demanding situations.  Do not worry about battery life either. The VAPex pump has a high performing Li-Ion battery with a an indicator on the screen showing the remaining battery life. At optimum use of 200mL/min (20cm H₂O Back Pressure), the battery lasts beyond 34 hours.  The VAPex pump has one of the most practical, slim and lightweight cases designed with user convenience in mind. The wearing clip comes with a lifetime guarentee. 


Flow Detective (Plus)

The Flow Detective™ is an easy to use all-in-one airflow calibrator, suitable for all types of air sampling pumps and other applications. Compatible for all flows up to 5L/min. It is a rugged, compact lab or field portable calibrator with long-standing battery life. Its unique functionalities eliminate the need to purchase multiple flowmeters and works with a closed loop, wireless calibration with Apex2 and VAPex pumps. Achieve high accuracy calibration and enjoy enhanced features such as pulsation detection, Bluetooth connectivity and more!




*Terms and conditions apply. For orders placed with Casella up to the date of December 16th 2022. Applies to orders of Apex2 or VAPex air sampling pump kits only. Kits include 5 pumps. Apex2 Plus/Pro or VAPex Pro models only. These models provide the wireless calibration required for the Airwave App. 1 Flow Detective Plus per purchase, per customer.