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HAVex Tri-Axial Hand-Arm Vibration Meter

• Simple Operation

• Robust Accelerometer & Cable

• Large Colour Display

• Rechargeable Battery

• Easily view, export and report data

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  • Product Overview

    This simple to use hand arm vibration meter (HAV) enables you to measure the vibration levels of the tools your employees use to ensure they are not over-exposed to hand arm vibration during their daily routine.

    Designed with only 3 operational buttons, take measurements with the HAVex hand arm vibration meter (HAVS) with ease and view in real time on the large color display.  The HAVex also has a rechargeable battery so it’s ready for use when you are. 

    Once measured, the HAVex provides you with the actual level of vibration (as opposed to manufacturers’ figures alone) of a particular tool.  This data can be used to calculate actual exposure time into HSE Exposure Points.  Please follow the link to the ready reckoner to calculate daily exposures.  The ready reckoner covers a range of vibration magnitudes up to 40m/s2 and range of exposure times up to 10 hours.  The data can also be used to enable you to create a database of tool condition and maintenance.

    You can upgrade to Vibdata Pro which has the added features of;

    - An exposure calculator

    - Merge/Combine Results

    - Add Images

    - Trend Analysis

  • Accessories and Part Numbers


    Casella HAVex kit:


    Comprising of: HAVex meter, Accelerometer & Cable, Mounting Plate, Carry Case VibData Lite Software

    Everything you need is supplied in the kit, but if you need replacement parts:


    HARM Tri-Axial Accelerometer & Cable


    Mounting Plate


    Battery Pack


    Charger Unit


    USB Cable



    If you would like to upgrade to the VibData Pro software, please contact us on or +44(0)1234 844100:


    VibData Pro software

  • Specification

    Technical Specification


    Conforms to ISO 8041 : 2005 Human Response to Vibration - Measuring Instrumentation

    Level Ranges:

    Low: 0.05-200m/s2, 0.005-20.4g

    High: 0.5-2000m/s2, 0.05-204g




    Acceleration, Arms, Aeq, Amax, Peak, Vector Sum, Exposure Points

    Linear Range:

    72 dB

    Frequency Weighting:

    WH - Hand Arm Filter


    Flash Memory storing up to 992 recordings


    KD1010, 10mV/g

    Noise Floor:

    Low: 0.002 m/s2

    High: 0.02 m/s2


    Full colour, Graphic OLEC 160 x 128


    NiMH re-chargeable (typically 10 hours of continuous use)


    AC output: 4 pole 3.5mm jack

    Download: USB Micro B (cable incl.)

    Recharge: DC socket (charger & cable supplied)


    Temperature: -10oC to +50oC


    Humidity: up to 90% RH non-condensing


    SI 2005/281, 2004/108/EC


    High impact ABS plastic case & tactile membrane keypad

    Relevant Standards:

    ISO 5349 : 2001 Mechanical Vibration - Guidelines for Measurement

    ANSI S2.70 (2006) guide for the measurement and evaluation of human exposure to vibration transmitted to the hand

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