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DUST Detective

• Ideal for site surveys, indoors & outdoors

• Gravimetric & Size Fraction Data

• Operates up to 13 hours

• Fully weatherproof

• Simple to use and deploy

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  • Product Overview

    For site operators and managers who need to monitor the dust levels within their site, inside or outside, or at the boundary, the Casella Dust Detective is the ideal tool for survey measurements.  It comprises of the Microdust Pro, a real time, logging dust monitor and a personal sampling pump all housed in a rugged casing to IP65.  This means that you can use the Dust Detective both indoors and out and it’s unobtrusive with its black casing so will not draw attention.  The Dust Detective will work off the internal batteries for up to 13 hours, so more than a shift, without change.

    The Casella Dust Detective is also capable of size selection of fractions with optional accessories, whether Occupational Hygiene measurements of Total Inhalable or Respirable fractions or the Environmental fractions, PM2.5 and PM10.

    The Casella Dust Detective logs the data over time and this can be downloaded for evaluation and reporting purposes using Casella Insight Data Management Software.  Insight generates graphs and summary data allowing you to easily identify trends in the dust levels, hotspots and areas of concern for you to make informed decisions and action as necessary.

  • Part Numbers and Accessories

  • Specifications

    Please refer to the Microdust Pro and TUFF Personal Air Sampling Pump pages for detailed information on the instruments included in the Dust Detective.

    Battery Life:                       Typically >13hours

    Operating Conditions:

    Relative Humidity:           5 to 90% (non-condensing)

    Temperature:                    0-40oC

    Protection:                         IP65


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