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  • No Time Like the Present - Pumps vs Real Time Measurements

    Hands up all those who can remember a time before the personal air sampler (PAS)? Not many I guess but then they do date back commercially in the US and Europe to the early 1960s at a time when the AIHA only a few hundred members. A pump was in fact developed under contract...

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  • Theatre Noise - Professional Musicians & Noise-induced Hearing loss

    As an occupational hazard the issue of noise is becoming more of a priority across sectors including construction and food manufacturing. However, professional musicians still suffer at an alarming rate – perhaps unsurprisingly, more so than the general population..

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  • Tackling Occupational Hygiene

    In an effort to raise awareness of dangerous substances in the workplace, the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OHSA) has recently launched a ‘Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign’ to promote a culture of risk prevention. The campaign is intended to heighten....

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  • A Dust-Up in Construction

    Noise, vibration, and dust exposure are inevitable on construction sites and are, of course, a major concern for industrial hygienists. The recent focus in both the U.K. and the U.S. has been on respirable crystalline silica.

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  • Book your places for the Casella Noise Course 18th September 2018

    Do you know how to measure Noise at Work to assess noise hazards? If you want to learn about Noise at Work Regulations, and know which protective equipment to choose, then Casella's Noise Course on September 18th is for you. .

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  • Casella announces new solar panel option with Guardian2

    Casella demonstrates its commitment to reducing environmental risks with the new solar panel and battery power options available with the Guardian2 - the small form factor, multi-agent total environmental monitoring system.

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  • Precision in Air Sampling Calibration

    Personal air sampling pumps are bodily-worn pumps used to sample airborne contaminants that can be damaging to health, controlling the flow of air to ensure a known volume of air is sampled...

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  • Casella will be at the Health and Safety Event Birmingham from April 10 - 12 2018

    Casella will once again be exhibiting at Health and Safety Event in Birgmingham where you can visit us on stand HS18.

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  • Casella launches game changer in air sampling calibration - Flow Detective™

    Casella, air sampling, noise and vibration monitoring specialist introduces the Flow Detective™ air sampling pump calibrator...

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  • Only few places left for the Casella Noise Course 24th April 2018

    Due to popular demand, the Casella Noise at Work Course will return on April 24th! If you’re looking to save critical time and money for your business whilst ensuring compliance with Noise at Work Regulations, Casella’s one day noise course is the perfect starter course for you.

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  • Exposure to vibration: Do you know the limit?

    In the engineering industry, many workers are required to operate hand-held power tools and other hand-guided equipment as part of their job, exposing them to potentially high vibration levels. Long term exposure to vibration levels that exceed safety limits puts workers at risk...

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  • The Use of noise Dosimeters For Workplace Noise

    In recent decades, increased mechanisation has drastically changed the industrial work environment. This has led to many changes to an employee’s work pattern. It used to be the case on the majority of production lines that an employee would stay in one place for their working shift...

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